Sinking Ships

I have seen this disease fracture families with the weight of the emotion it carries, and it’s not surprising. Watching a loved one go through cancer treatment is brutal. It often forces you to face mortality prematurely while struggling with feelings of grief and helplessness. Sometimes the combination can prove overwhelming for even the strongest of relationships, but the threat of losing each other is what has bonded me and Lewis.
We know what we have is precious. Every moment we share not just us, but Lake to. I’ve been called ‘selfish’ by strangers before for bringing an innocent life into my own turmoil, but that’s not something I will ever apologise for.
When I was 8 I lost my own father to cancer. I saw him fight for three long years and with every once of dignity he had. I don’t blame him. I did once, when I was a child. I saw it as his fault he left but The older Ive got the more Ive understood it and all his decisions.

This fight will be the death of me, but I’m going down in the only way I know how.

I’m on a sinking ship of life.


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