My mother normally has Lake on a Tuesday. I get a bit of a break to get my nails done or catch up on house work or have a nap which has turned into a bit of a routine. Today however she has been busy looking after my nana Ainger as she’s been in a pickle with her memory. So I did my usual thing but took the massive leap to take Lake to Meadowhall with me. Why on earth would I think that would be a good idea.
I was in the parent and baby room having a wee myself and changing Lake, I wore jeans and I always put my phone in the right back pocket incase Lewis rings me. I pulled my jeans down to take a wee and in a flash I moved quick to catch my phone before it disappeared down into a shitty world and grabbed my phone and placed it on the soap dispenser next to me. I continued walking around the shops and taking a few items back I had bought for Lewis the week before. I needed a drink (as always) and I find it hard to push with one hand and hold a drink in the other so I went into mother care (top floor) in the slowest lift possible and looked for a universal cup holder id seen on eBay a few nights ago. The lovely lady who was working on that department came over to help me and fitted one to my cossatto frame and her phone rang. She looked at me and said ‘is that your phone?’ As she reached for hers I felt my back pocket and nothing was there.
Not even a second passed and I’d entered frantic mom moment. Emptied all my bags, handbag, changing bag all over the shop floor and then I thought ‘I don’t remember using it after the toilet’ the woman told me to rush to see if it was still there and said she would watch Lake, ‘ do you mind? For just a few moments? She won’t cry and I’m sorry I don’t normally leave my child with strangers’
15 minutes later I still have no phone and I’m sweating like I’ve been on a treadmill for days. I’ve now started crying and still marching through Meadowhall I went to reception to see if it had been handed in. The woman was calm and quite old with a washed out perm and a blue black box colour rinse. She explained she would keep ringing it for me while I calmed down. She spoke to a woman and said we would collect it from nandos. The relief passed through me and I burst out crying knowing I will have all my pictures back.
The woman came out of the restaurant to meet us and handed me my phone and smiled so I grabbed hold of her and gave her a massive hug while crying on her shoulder telling her how grateful I was.

Lessons of the day learnt.

1. Don’t leave your phone anywhere.
2. Back up all phones photos and videos.
And 3. When I originally went into the toilet I went out of my way to help a lady through the door with her pushchair and shopping.
This is the lady who saved my phone.

Good karma.


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