I’m still awake. I’m shattered but here I am in the living room after going to bed at 10.30pm.
I’ve got a million and one things going off in my head as usual – most of it are things that will never happen but my anxiety likes keeping me awake thinking of all the things I can’t change.
I want to learn how to let go. I feel like I’m holding on to something and its burdening me.
*takes a deep breath in and out
I’ve got a terrible cold yet again. I’ve got snot bubbles on my face a constant vile sniffing nose that can only be described as a mating call. I have puffy eyes that are red and look like I’ve been on a bender for 3 nights. I’m breathing out of my mouth so not only does that make me look retarded I’ve got the worst dry mouth and my breath probably smells but I wouldn’t know about that because I can’t even smell my new Yankee candle that I have. One disappointed human today.
I guess I’m just feeling sorry for myself because I have this cold. Feel like the world is against me today.

So I was naughty,

I had a KFC!

Diane at slimming world is NOT going to be happy.


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