2 whole years

I’m in the car on the way to Scotland. We’re part of the Juke club so we get waved at on the motorway which can always get a little exciting when traveling on boring roads. So far we have had three pit stops due to mini shitting herself and smelling the car out and Lewis having the smallest bladder in the history of 24 year old males. We celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Tuesday by having a take away, attempting to sleep train lake and packing boxes to move out. Needless to say its been a stressful week.
I got spoilt by Lewis this time. He’s bought me a gorgeous coat from topshop with a faux fur hood in a size 10 – I’m just gonna leave that there. The size 10 remark with the fact I don’t have to squeeze to get in it. It’s been a while since I bought a size 10. Several years in fact. Maybe even when I was at school. A bottle of champagne, a new stacker ring, lush stuff and I even got flowers delivered to work by the man himself. Forever a charmer is Mr Neeve.
Phil Collins in blaring out of our speakers as we travel through the beautiful Peak District and the south of Scotland and it’s taking me back to being a child sat in the back of my dads rover and him drumming away on the steering wheel singing to me through the rear view mirror. Phil Collins’ voice always reminds me of him. Lisa bought me the full collection 3 Christmas’ a go. Best present ever!
This last week has been mental trying to move. I thought renting was supposed to be less hassle than buying but seems I need the same proofs. Packing things up in our current house has been awful with Lewis working full time. I’ve had a 10 month old to entertain and feed while packing up our whole house that is so damp i have to scrub it before I box it and will have to do that for unpacking it to. This house for me has defiantly come at the right time.

Lakes learned to scream. I’m going to murder her.

Joke. Maybe.


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