I’m looking forward

Things are pretty smitten right now, I’ve got paid and I’ve been to IKEA to actually order our new bed and mattress as I’m so tired of sleeping on the floor (pardon the pun) I’ve ordered our new Laura Ashley wallpaper and that’s on its way to us, I’ve sorted most things for Lakes room I’ve just got to make a start on it.
Everything’s going good at work, I’m still super busy even in January. The month of doom. The rest of the house is coming together with bits of furniture I keep picking up and it’s so much better than our old house even though I’m still gutted I no longer live there.
Lakes behaviour is on point. She’s learning how to walk (we’re not there yet but she’ll walk with you and pushing her baby’s pram) she’s the funniest little human I know. All her little qwerks and funny little routines she has. She’s eating everything I give her still, aside from cauliflower – we’re not a lover of that. She has a slice of toast for breakfast and some water and feeds herself. I’m so proud of her, we have no tantrums aside from nappy changing 40% of the time. She slept right through last night, I know this because I was awake most of it with the worst stuffy nose ever. Still got this vile cold and bad chest but I guess we can’t have it all.
I’ve sorted Lewis’ present out for his birthday and we’re going on holiday. Yes, just me and him and we’re going to alcudia to lay on a beach and do nothing for 5 days. Don’t worry though Lake won’t miss out, she’s going on her own holiday to the seaside with Sarana and Tiffany. I just hope it’s nice weather for them so they can play on the beach. She loves sand and she should be walking then.
I’m in a good place right now and I’m totally soaking it up.


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