What’s happening??

I don’t know what’s happening to me recently. I feel like I’m taking on board fashion like never before. I’ve downloaded drakes album on Spotify and I’ve got a love for the new Zara Lawson blush pink and gold Nike jewels. I’ve never been a trainer fan or even this sports wear as I barely made it to the gym once in this last two years but I’ve been doing some training at home. 

It’s so hard to fit training at the gym in with a toddler no nursery time a part time job a boyfriend oh and no car and having to rely on public transport. 

I drove the car for the first time in my life this week and I actually enjoyed myself which is something i thought I’d never be able to say because driving to me is the single most scary ass thing I will do in my life. Not child birth, no! Driving. What a massive wimp. 

I weighed myself this morning though and I am coming in at 10st 2lbs. Got another half a stone to go and I’ll be somewhere near happy. I’ve just got to focus and keep my eye on the ball and end result. 

No more Easter eggs please god damn it. 


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